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Yosemitech online Muti-parameter Sonde (7 parameters) highlighted in Analytica China 2016

Time:2017.02.23    View count:1313

Analytica China 2016 has been held in Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) on October 12, 2016.  848 organizations from 25 countries worldwide have exhibited in the show and it attracted more than 24000 professional visitors. As an exhibitor, Yosemitech debuted its second-generation Multi-parameter Sonde in the show as a response to the growing demand for in-situ long term water quality monitoring. It can monitor seven parameters simultaneously which include optical DO sensor, 4-electrodes conductivity sensor, optical fiber turbidity sensor, chlorophyll sensor, COD sensor, oil in water sensor, and MLSS sensor.

Upgraded from original 5-parameter Sonde to 7-parameter Sonde, second-generation Y4000 multi-parameter Sonde has the same size as 5-parameter Sonde but can measure 7 key water quality parameters simultaneously. Customer can choose 6 probes from available 7 probes of ODO, 4-electrode conductivity, optical turbidity, pH, chlorophyll, oil in water, ORP and ammonia nitrogen. The instrument is also featured self-cleaning wiper and waterproof connectors. The self-cleaning wiper can effectively clean the probe sensing surfaces and prevent biofouling, The Sonde is an ideal instrument for long term monitoring for reliability and quality. Visitors are very interested in this Muti-parameter Sonde and some said that: “They were so surprised to see a domestically designed and manufactured multi-parameter water quality instrument here in China. The product is well designed and manufactured. This kind of product usually only be manufactured by YSI and HACH. They are very expensive and you can expect to spend 20k or more to own one"

Data quality and instrument ownership cost are the most important part for long-term online monitoring instruments. Biofouling is usually the biggest concern in the field deployment. Typical in-situ monitoring instrument has to be maintained in less than a week. With self-cleaning wiper, Yosemitech Multi-parameter Sonde can deliver quality data for 2-3 months continuously without maintenance, which significantly saves the cost of your ownership. Systems integrators said that they often have on-line monitoring projects in remote areas such as, Northeast China, Xinjiang, Henan and rural Sichuan areas. It usually takes 2 to 3 days to access the sites and get the instrument maintained. The travel expenses, time spend, and safety are the big concerns for remote deployment. It is really helpful to have long-term monitoring products like Yosemitech Y4000 that can deliver quality data with minimum maintenance.