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What role does the dissolved oxygen play in the wastewater treatment?

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What is dissolved oxygen ? And what’s the relationship between dissolved oxygen and microbial?
Oxygen dissolved in water is called dissolved oxygen. Biology and aerobic microorganisms in water, which rely on oxygen is called dissolved oxygen. Different microorganisms are different to the requirement of dissolved oxygen. Aerobic microorganisms need to supply enough dissolved oxygen,  generally speaking, it is advisable to be maintained at 3 mg/L , minimum should not be less than 2 mg/L; The range of dissolved oxygen Microbial needed  is between 0.2to 2.0 mg/L; And anaerobic microorganisms of dissolved oxygen is under 0.2 mg/L.
What does dissolved oxygen represent? 
DO represents the amount of dissolved oxygen in water and  the unit expressed is in mg/L. Different biochemical treatment methods have different requirements for dissolved oxygen. In the biochemical process, the dissolved oxygen in the water is generally between 0.2 to2.0 mg/L and in SBR aerobic biochemical process, the dissolved oxygen in the water is generally between 2.0 to 8.0 mg/L. Therefore,   aeration rate is lower and aeration time is shorter in operation of oxygen pool; But it is much larger and much longer in SBR aerobic pool operation and we use a contacted oxidation and dissolved oxygen is controlled in 2.0 to 4.0 mg/L.
  what’s the factors  influencing the content of dissolved oxygen in wastewater?
The concentration of dissolved oxygen in water can be represented with Henry's law: when reach a balanced solution: C = KH * P
Among them: C represents for solubility of dissolved oxygen in water ; P for oxygen partial pressure in gas phase; KH for Henry coefficient, related to the temperature; Increased aeration trying to close to the  balance for dissolution of oxygen, while the active sludge also consumes the oxygen in the water. Therefore actual dissolved oxygen content in the waste water is about the water temperature, water depth (pressure), aeration, sludge concentration, salinity and so on.
 Who will provide the oxygen Microorganism needed in the biochemical process?
In the biochemical process, oxygen which microorganism needed is mainly provided by aeration device.
How does the numerical value for dissolved oxygen become more accurate?
Using dissolved oxygen meter for real-time and on-line monitoring.
What kind of dissolved oxygen instrument can provide a accurate real-time feedback of dissolved oxygen content in water treatment?
 Fluorescence method is more suitable for dissolved oxygen in wastewater treatment, because it’s not influenced by the interference of other ions in the wastewater, no consume oxygen, without being limited by the velocity of flow, without frequent calibration, low maintenance, longer service life,  online monitoring for a long time.
What advantages do Yosemitech fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor have ?
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