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Leading in the domestic market Yosemitech will promote one-piece multiprobe digital sensors

Time:2015.11.20    View count:1139
 High-end water quality monitoring market has been dominated by foreign enterprises in domestic , domestic enterprises rarely involved and were trapped in the lower part of the price war, many companies do instruments, but real do sensors are almost no.Why is it hard to Have a good enterprise in sensor field?First, sensor research and development cost energy and input is too big and progress has been slow, relatively do engineering to make money will be faster, maybe it is better to pick two projects coming faster than one hundred sensors. Second, it is insufficient in technical reserves, no advanced technologies. Three, it is not high as a whole fund proportion for sensors in the industry .
  Yosemitech has been committed to become excellent water quality sensor enterprise in domestic ,  owned the American expert team, from the fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor, four electrode conductivity sensor to the turbidity sensor with automatic cleaning should be leading the domestic market, RS485 output, to make integration more convenient can slam the door sensors of the secondary instrument.Optical sensor technology makes more reliable, lower maintenance. All this is the crystallization of technology, it is the results for insisting on again and again
  Yosemitech online one-piece more probe sensor is coming soon, compared with the traditional shore type parameter meter, its installation is more flexible, more intuitive to reflect the state of water quality. With automatic cleaning brush, integrated fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor,  four electrode conductivity sensor, turbidity sensor, pH sensor and temperature sensor,cooperated Yosemitech special research and development of biological growth apparatus,  it can do maintenance for three months a time, greatly saving the maintenance cost. Sensors on the basis of the originally high reliability of structure upgraded, with a fast plug waterproof connectors can be applied to surface water, groundwater, lakes, ocean monitoring ,breeding and other fields. Simple, easy to use, high reliability is our original intention of product design, which needs technology accumulation and unremitting efforts.

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