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Yosemitech attending Shanghai international fermentation exhibition 2015, showing a new generation of fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor for fermentation industry

Time:2015.11.20    View count:1095
On September 21~23, 《international biological fermentation products and the technology and equipment exhibition 》was held in Shanghai, nearly 400 companies to participate in the exhibition. Yosemitech as sensor manufacturer in the field of the scene showed a new generation of fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensors, four electrode conductivity sensor and turbidity sensor aim at fermentation industry.The exhibition attracted a lot of the audience, including fermentation, fermentation equipment, scientific research units and trade, etc which was Popular with the audience's high praise.
  Many viewers provided feedback, before using the electrochemical dissolved oxygen sensor, need  to wash after fermentation each time and cleaning was a very difficult thing, it was always easy to break in front of the membrane, and  test was not very accurate, the ball in front of the bubble was easy to plug, caused oxygen molecules not to go into. Many audience were surprised when realized Yu Shan had such technology in fluorescence sensors in domestic , because the past impressions doing fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor only Mettler and Hamilton.
  Compared with the traditional electrochemical dissolved oxygen sensor ,Yosemitech Had a natural advantage : it didn’t need to consume oxygen,  not affected by the velocity and the environment, had faster response speed, more accurate test results, and longer service life,  equal to zero maintenance during use and many other advantages. Through the practical field test for Yosemitech products and technology for approval, hoped such excellent technologies to be applied to the production and products later.